Hydrodynamic Engineering
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We solve complex hydrodynamic challenges to create more value by cutting edge, innovation, efficiency & sustainability

  • Fixed & Floating wind
  • Marine innovations
  • Dredging, Oil & Gas

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Making Waves with Bold Ingenuity

At Mocean, we’re passionate about unraveling the hydrodynamic puzzles of the ocean. As an independent engineering firm, our mission is to revolutionize your offshore project by making maritime knowledge available to the entire industry, enhancing efficiency, timelines, and sustainability. With specialized hydrodynamic analyses and calculations, we bridge the gap between academically sound, theoretical mathematics and practical, hands-on operational experience. Whether you’re venturing into offshore wind, oil and gas, innovative renewable energy, or civil and mining, we provide pragmatic solutions to help you safely navigate unpredictable weather and water conditions. Our customized simulations, models, and expert advice ensure your operations thrive efficiently, driving the offshore sector towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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Our Approach

Value Engineering for Maximum Project Impact

We’re here to provide you with specialized assistance, tailoring our services to your offshore project’s unique journey. Our mission is to bridge the gap between academically sound, theoretical mathematics and practical, hands-on operational experience, delivering pragmatic solutions that enhance your project's effectiveness and efficiency. By engaging us early, we can infuse our deep technical expertise and value engineering into your project’s DNA from the outset.

Our dedicated lead engineer guides your team through every stage with precision, from pre-FEED research to final operations. Through value engineering, we identify opportunities to optimize your project, reducing costs and improving performance without compromising quality. This dynamic, integrated approach ensures you maximize results while minimizing risks, keeping your project on budget and on time.

Our cohesive method offers the greatest value, yet we remain flexible—if you only need a slice of our expertise, we’re happy to provide just the service you require.


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Our Track Record 

Our track record is our pride. Its why people want to work for Mocean, why we get out of bed every morning, and why our clients keep coming back. Tackling complex challenges and making a difference in offshore projects motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries. As marine engineers, we may not like selling our services, but we are immensely proud of the projects we’ve completed.

Curious about our creative, pragmatic solutions? Wondering how partnering with us can take your project to new heights? Dive into our track record and discover the Mocean difference.

About Mocean

Practical Adventurers With a Passion for Problem Solving

At Mocean, we’re explorers at heart, crafting offshore solutions with the curiosity of pioneers and the precision of experts. What sets us apart is our unique blend of deep technical know-how, unwavering commitment, and forward-thinking approaches. Grounded in practicality, we work closely with you to transform complex ocean puzzles into clear, actionable strategies. As lifelong learners, we constantly expand our horizons, turning knowledge into action.


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Are you energized by solving the (seemingly) unsolvable? Join the Mocean crew! We’re on the lookout for sharp minds like you, with a green vision, a passion for puzzling, and a talent for teamwork. Dive into projects that not only challenge you, but also make real waves in both our company and the wider offshore sector. Within our open, flat-structured workplace, your voice matters and your fresh ideas are celebrated. With us, you’ll find the freedom to craft a career path where growth, impact, and fun meet. Interested in discovering what’s next for you? 

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